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Hélène Toubin, PhD. dictará la conferencia: "Prediction and phenomenological breakdown of drag for unsteady flows" el próximo lunes 18 de abril de 2016.

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El evento 'Seminario de Mecánica Computacional' finalizó el 18-Abr-2016.

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Accurate drag prediction is now of a major issue for aircraft designers. Its phenomenological sources need to be identified and quantified for an efficient design process. Far-field methods, which allow such phenomenological drag breakdown, are however restricted to steady flows. This study consists in developing a far-field drag prediction method aiming at a phenomenological breakdown of drag for unsteady flows. The first step has consisted in generalizing the steady formulation of Van der Vooren to unsteady flows, starting from a new rigorous proof. Axes for the improvement of the robustness and physical background have then been explored. Acoustic contributions have in particular been highlighted and quantified. The resulting five-components formulation has then been applied to simple cases, in order to validate as best as possible the phenomenological breakdown. The behavior of the drag components has proved to be consistent with the physics of the flow. Finally, the method has been applied to complex cases in order to demonstrate its capabilities: a 3-D case and a flow simulated by the ZDES method. Concerning the possible application cases, the performance evaluation of a Counter-Rotating-Open-Rotor would strongly benefit from such a method. Unsteady optimization of one of the drag component could also be contemplated. Finally, applications in aeroelasticity or flapping flight would be an interesting perspective.

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  • Lugar: Edificio Mario Laserna - Salón ML-515
  • Dirección: Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia ¿Cómo llego aquí?