Inteligencia Artificial híbrida para procesamiento de lenguaje natural


With the recent developments of deep learning, AI research has gained new vigor and prominence. However, machine learning still faces three big challenges: (1) it requires a lot of training data and is domain-dependent; (2) different types of training or parameter tweaking leads to inconsistent results; (3) the use of black-box algorithms makes the reasoning process uninterpretable. At SenticNet, we address such issues in the context of NLP via sentic computing, a multidisciplinary approach that aims to bridge the gap between statistical NLP and the many other disciplines necessary for understanding human language such as linguistics, commonsense reasoning, and affective computing.

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Sentic computing is both top-down and bottom-up: top-down because it leverages symbolic models such as semantic networks and conceptual dependency representations to encode meaning; bottom-up because it uses subsymbolic methods such as deep neural networks and multiple kernel learning to infer syntactic patterns from data.

Our special guest, Erik Cambria is the Founder of SenticNet, a Singapore-based company offering B2B sentiment analysis services, and an Associate Professor at NTU, where he also holds the appointment of Provost Chair in Computer Science and Engineering. Prior to joining NTU, he worked at Microsoft Research Asia and HP Labs India and earned his PhD through a joint programme between the University of Stirling and MIT Media Lab. Erik is recipient of many awards, e.g., the 2018 AI's 10 to Watch and the 2019 IEEE Outstanding Early Career award, and is often featured in the news, e.g., Forbes. He is Associate Editor of several journals, e.g., NEUCOM, INFFUS, KBS, IEEE CIM and IEEE Intelligent Systems (where he manages the Department of Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis), and is involved in many international conferences as PC member, program chair, and speaker.

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